Liz has been my go-to copy editor on Weight Watchers cookbooks for several years. I love working with her! She is always appreciative of the work, enthusiastic, respectful of our crazy deadlines, and a super copy editor. When we work together on a project there is enough communication to make sure that we are on the same page and working toward the same goal: to produce a book that is clearly written, consistent in style, without errors, and easy for a reader to follow. I always look forward to starting a new project with Liz. It makes my job easier…

Deborah Mintcheff, CPCC, ACC
cookbook editor/project editor/writer

Liz is a true professional in her line of work. I have worked with Liz for the past four years on recipe editing for our pork culinary competition, Taste of Elegance. She works with the chefs to get the recipes prepared for publishing. Her work is high quality and you can see that she takes pride in what she does. I appreciate her ability to communicate with the chefs and her knowledge of the various foodie/chef terms. Thank you, Liz, for helping to make our recipe collections ones that people will use for years to come.

Pam Voelkel
Director of Events
Minnesota Pork Producers Association
Minnesota Pork Board

Liz did a great job for us on a huge editing assignment – more than 1000 recipes during an 18-month project. We had weekly deadlines as the recipe cards rolled through and Liz hit every one of them. It’s hard to find someone who is a good writer and makes their deadlines and is easy and fun to work with… Liz can do it all – she’s one in a million!

Mary Ringstad
Tad Ware & Company

Timely, professional, and accurate…you will not regret hiring Liz to create or advise in regard to your food and recipe projects!

Shelly Fischer
Photo Editor/Art Buyer
Norwood & BIC Graphic North America

Our organization has used Liz’s services and expertise on several occasions. From cooking demonstrations to educational articles about soyfoods, Liz is always knowledgeable, professional, creative, and dependable. I would recommend her business to anyone who is interested in learning more about the food we eat and making it fun.

Veronica Bruckhoff
Leadership Development & Membership Manager
Minnesota Soybean